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Friday, 16 April 2010

Toxic mushrooms attack?

You are looking at the entrance of Eurotower building. After lots of controversy around this project it was finally finished in 2008. Currently it is best known as the new headquarters of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. There is a big problem with high buildings and skyscrapers in Zagreb because the city government never dealt with the issue of finding a suitable location/s for such high business towers. If you ask me, the best thing to do would be what Parisiens did, forbid high buildings in the center of the city and move the business quarter to the outer parts of the city.


  1. bravo helena:)slažem se u potpunosti!

  2. Hvala! :) Jedini problem s ovim prijedlogom je što bi nužno zahtijevao bolju prometnu povezanost. A to Zagreb nema i nema. :(

  3. These toxic mushrooms attract attention by the color, it is for sure:-)) Same problems in Moscow, chaotic architecture completely destroying the face of the city.