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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


My dearest readers, I will kindly invite you  to Strossmartre – a Zagreb summer festival that's been here for 10 years. It is located at Strossmayerovo šetalište (Strossmayer's promenade) by the old city wall of the old town Gradec. It lasts for more than 100 days during summer and will end on 4th of September. It is a place for you to enjoy music, dancing, singing, art, movies and much more.
I really like the name - it is a combination of a promenades name and a name of a famous hill Montmartre in Paris.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Old truck

While I was taking a walk down the Zagreb's center yesterday I saw this truck and props in front of the Croatian National Theater. First guess would be that this is a setting for a new play. But there is a slight possibility that it was part of a movie set, as this truck looks very old, more like First or Second world war truck. What do you think?
 If I find out anything I'll let you know.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Old lantern

One nice detail for you at the beginning of a new week. I took this photo at Kaptol – one of the oldest parts of Zagreb, also part of Upper town (the Upper town is consisted of Gradec and Kaptol, i.e. a one part where people lived and the other with a Cathedral where Roman Catholic Church had it's premises).
I like the old lantern and the play of colours and structure on this photo.

Have a nice working week!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Children International Folk Festival

I took this photo yesterday on a Zagreb main square. Those are a children who participated in this years 7th Zagreb Children International Folk Festival. It was held from June 24th till June 28th. So yesterday they had a stroll through the center of Zagreb and in the evening last concert in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. This year more than 1000 young performers between the age 12 and 16 from around 20 folk groups participated in the Festival.
I'm not an expert, but believe that the children on a photo are from Stupnik just south from Zagreb in Zagreb county and wear a traditional clothes typical for their region.
If I'm wrong, somebody please correct me.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Statehood Day

Yesterday was a public holiday in Croatia – Dan državnosti (eng. Statehood Day) - we celebrated the declaration of independence from Yugoslavia. It was in May 19th, 1991 that the Croats voted at the referendum and with 94% decided to have a sovereign and independent state. And one month later, new Croatia was born. More about it you can read on Wiki.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Prices we pay

I took this photo at one of many Zagreb shopping malls. Zagreb has way too many of them,... and I really don't know who shops in them all. Due to recession, many shops closed up, and those that survived have started with the reduction of prices and sales much earlier this year. It's a good news for costumers but a bad sign for economy. Although, it is not a real sale yet and the prices are still high, many will be happy this summer. And I strongly believe that the prices we pay at the sale (50 and 70 % off) are the real, fair prices of merchandise.

p.s. Sorry about the late post!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

A good move

This is a new/old building of The Library of Croatian Academy of Sciences and ArtsHAZU. The library with more than 400 thousand books and magazines was moved from the building of HAZU to the old building of Chemistry Institute - it was renovated, reorganized and reopened for public just one year ago. The Library is now on Strossmayer square, next to the HAZU. And they make a fine duo now!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sex? City? Where?

Yes, I did. Only God knows why.

The movie is so shiny and sparkling that my eyes still hurt. And I didn't like it too much. But than again, it is all you could expect from it. Let's just say, I really had no better things to do this evening than go and watch this movie. But at least, there's a contest involved... if I'm lucky enough, I could win the notebook from the photo. That would be nice!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Windy, crazy windy day was yesterday. It was tearing branches and trees down! It's a lot better today.

Thank God for that, as yesterday T-Mobile INmusic Festival started! It is one of the most popular music festivals in Zagreb in few last years. It is always in June, this year from 21.-23., and situated on Jarun. This year a Zagreb public will enjoy the play of Morcheeba, Billy Idol, Massive Attack,... just to mention a few. More about it you can find here.

Monday, 21 June 2010

At the bookstore

I love going to the bookstores. I can't explain it, but there's just something exceptional and intriguing about it. About countless books on bookshelves and particularly the people who search through them. I always find several books I wish to read immediately (but that doesn't happen obviously!) and sometimes I do buy some.
The specific bookstore where I took this photo is called Profil and is located in Bogovićeva street just few meters from Cvjetni trg (Flower square).

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon

This has been a lazy Sunday afternoon in Zagreb, and rather cloudy and rainy. After a few weeks of enormously hot weather, this Sunday turned out to be quite cold. And in that sense perfect for sleeping, relaxing and hanging in a bar with friends.
This photo was taken in a bar called Boja (i.e. Colour), near the Zagreb main square and just few meters from Zrinjavac, in Teslina street. It has this lovely arty charm that I like very much!
I wish you a nice rest of the Sunday!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Modern Gallery

This is Modrena Galerija (The Modern Gallery) – a museum that holds one of the most exquisite and important collections of Croatian art of 19th and 20th century. It is placed in the Vranyczany palace near park Zrinjevac. The museum was opened in 1905. and was recently restored with a new permanent exhibition.
Last month I saw a very interesting exhibition there, City Iconography about the motif of a city in Croatian paintings, photography, movies etc. I was really pleasantly surprised on how it was presented.
So, if you are in town and would like to explore Croatian art, this museum is a ''must see''.

Friday, 18 June 2010

The night scene

A detail of an entrance of the Croatian National Theater - HNK. It was designed by the famous Austrian architects Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer who designed nearly forty European theater buildings. The new building of the Croatian National Theater was opened on 14. October 1895. by the emperor Franz Joseph I.

I really love the play of light and shadows on this decorative facade sculpture!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Well of Life

One of my favorite spots in Zagreb – Zdenac života (The Well of Life*) – made by a very famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović in 1905. I've showed you a detail of it some time ago. Every figure or a pair of figures represent a stage in a human life, from a little just born child to the old age. They are all gathered around water which also has a strong symbolic note because water is life. One thing that impresses me most is the fact that Ivan Meštrović did  this piece when he was only 22 years old and still in art school.

*Some translate it as The Source of Life, but in Croatian zdenac literally means well.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


This fountain holds a special place in my heart. It was constructed in 1893. by the students of an Arts and Crafts School in Zagreb, but it was designed by the architect Herman Bollé. Herman Bollé was a founder of that school and also principal and a teacher.
When I think about it, those were such a different times, back then.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tomorrow is another day!

Guess I'm into sunsets lately. This one is over Lake Jarun.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Glorious history

Ban Josip Jelačić - famous Croatian count that ratify the abolition of serfdom in Croatia and assemble first elections for Croatian parliament. He lived in a first half of a 19. century. This photo was taken on a Zagreb main square that carries his name.
I said to myself today - we sure do need new ''Jelačić''!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Time for referendum

People are signing a petition for a referendum about a very important question – changing of a Labour Law. And you know how that story goes,... Government is about to change that law and reduce working rights. And in this time of financial crisis (and many other crisis if you ask me) when people are already suffering a lot and facing major anti-crisis measures, this change of Labour Law seems like a final punch in a face. Hopefully, referendum will stop this shameful act.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Our students, our hope

It was a last day of a summer semester at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Zagreb. Students have organized a concert in front of the Faculty to celebrate – but not for long as their exams are just starting next week. In the distance you can see a new library building which is a second largest library in Croatia, just after the National and University Library in Zagreb.
Students have become a new factor in Croatian social and political life after organizing several protests and blockade of classes demanding free education for all. More about it you can read on their web page – Slobodni Filozofski (or an international page Free Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).

Friday, 11 June 2010

Old Zagreb houses

I was passing by this very interesting building the other day and thought how nice it would be if it had been restored. I suppose it looked beautiful when it was new. It is a 19. century house with a typical decoration and architecture elements. I'm particularly fond of this turret (aka. small dome/tower)!

It's Friday again. Weekend came quickly. But I have busy working weekend this time. Hopefully I'll find some time to make new photos!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Art for all?

Yesterday I went to see a documentary about Gilbert&George and another interview that was held just after the show and must say... I have completely changed my mind about them. To be honest, I expected more from this world known provocative artists. They are not so provocative at all and are acting more like a rock stars than a real artists. I don't know... but it all seemed so fake today. I truly believe in the work they did 30 years ago, but today it all seems just like show business. They are selling themselves for a great deal of money and pretend it doesn't mater at all.
In the early days they adopted the slogan ''Art for all'' and today their work sells for up to £1 million – says the And I ask a question: Is it really art for all? And is it art at all?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

It's Gilbert&George

I've been to a public interview with famous British art duo Gilbert&George. It was held at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, more precisely at the lovely Academy garden. This was my first meeting with the famous duo and I liked them pretty much. They came to Zagreb for the opening of their exhibition Jack Freak Pictures in Zagreb's new Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition will be open from 11th of June till 12th of September this year.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Kiss for you

Another photo from Branimirova Street and Muzej ulične umjetnosti (Museum of street art). I'm glad that there are some works done in other techniques other than traditional graffiti. This is actually relief. I like how it was placed and done.

 Sadly I have some trouble with my camera, so I apologize for bad photos. Hope to fix it soon.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Take it easy

I had a great weekend, just came from a land of mañana. But new week has started and some work must be done. So, today I give you this photo from Kulturno informativni centarKIC (Culture and information center) that's situated near Cvjetni trg (Flower square). It's mission is to promote culture and art in Zagreb and country. It was founded in 1964. and today it mainly hosts exhibitions, lectures, movie projection, publishing and much more. This photo is of cafe bar that's part of KIC. So, like my four days trip to mañana country, I hope you'll all take it easy today.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Trees we need

One quick post for you today... presenting a beautiful poplar tree. It can be seen in many Zagreb parks. I must say I'm very fond of these trees, and trees in general. This one has a very interesting bark, rather pale and gentle. I took this foto in the early spring, while it had no leaves yet. But, the Christmas lights are still here – it is kind of funny.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Old things and more

I must say I really love old antique shops, old fairs, and antique stuff in general. This is a shop-window of an old antique shop very near the Zagreb main square, in Jurišić's street. It is full of different kinds of items, many of them you don't really need nor you will ever need,... But still there is something very attractive in them, that I need to stop in front of this shop-window every time passing by.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Busy weekend

This is a busy weekend in Zagreb – meaning, so many things going on. Almost at the same time as an International street festival, you can enjoy the Animafest Zagreb 2010 – World festival of animated film (1.-6.6.). I'm kind a sad I'll miss it all! Animafest is great festival, perfect for relaxing and fun. Definitely, this one shouldn't be missed!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Time to have fun!

Yesterday was a such a rainy day and it's been raining for several days now. So, I'm leaving this weekend for warmer coasts.

But, if you stay in Zagreb or coming for weekend you'll be able to see on the streets of Zagreb – Cest is d'best – an International Street Festival. The festival hosts performers, singers, dancers, jugglers, clowns and many more. Laugh, sing along, dance and have funny from Thursday 3.6. till Sunday 6.6. on the streets of Zagreb. I'm on a trip again so won't  be able to enjoy.

Whether you don't work on Friday and even more if you do, I wish you all a nice (long) weekend!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Beautiful parks

I took this lovely photo at Zrinjevac park – I've already written you about it. I just love it! It is probably one of the most beautiful parts of Zagreb. In the distance you can see a Strossmayer Gallery with the works of old masters. This park is part of so called Zagrebačka zelena potkova (Zagreb green horseshoe) – that is a line of parks and squares with a representative buildings in a very center of a city, and obviously in a shape of a horseshoe. It was designed in the 19. century and represents an unique urbanistic plan.
During the second half of 20. century there was not much planning nor building of new parks in Zagreb. Which is sad, because I believe that the ''green'' areas make a city more pleasant for living.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

''Cake'' facade

I'm always happy to see new facade on a Zagreb streets. This one is situated in Mesnička ulica (Butcher's street), name is because during 18. and a part of 19. century many butchers had their shops and houses there. But it lost it's main characteristic at the end of 19. century - only name remained. The street is connection between Lower and Upper Town at the west part of Zagreb center. The sculpture of Andrija Kačić Miošić that I showed you yesterday is placed at the beginning of the street.
I must say I really love this 19. cetury facades - this one reminds me of a wedding cakes.