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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Work in progress!

One of the Zagreb's street in a very center is about to be transformed. Branimir's street is quite long and situated near the Main train station. It had been decorated with graffiti art before, and now it is going to be repainted again. This project is called Muzej ulične umjetnosti (Museum of street art) but apparently is not a museum. The main focus is on a communication between the artist and the City itself. The special jury composed of the well known Croatian artists, designers and architects choose 64 works of art that will be created and presented on around 700 meters long wall.


  1. I like graffiti & street art a lots and I hope you will show more of them : )

  2. You caught the "artists" in action!

  3. They will be painting till Friday so I'll put at least one more photo of this great project! More photos you can find on MUU facebook profile and on this blog: