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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Where am I?

This is Parrotia Persica, a beautiful tree I found in a Zagreb's Botanical Garden. I love it very much, the tree and the garden! The tree is huge, with branches that often touch the ground creating a ''tunnel'' around tree's log. It's like entering a different world,... far away from the city buzz. And the best thing is that this Botanical Garden is practically in a center of a city. You can find more info here.


  1. Trees! I love how you captured the beautiful greens on this one. There's always something fantastical about trees, especially when one is under beautiful canopies like this.

    We have beautiful nature parks throughout our city as well, and they are always a place of peace for me.

    Warm greetings from St. Petersburg, Florida. :)

  2. Thank you very much Hannah!

    I must agree, parks are places of peace. And it is important for every city to have parks, the more the better. Parks also increase the quality of life.