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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Art for Market?

At the opening of the 44. Zagreb Salon – an annual contemporary art exhibition in Croatia organized by the Croatian Association of Artists. A work of 89 artists is represented at the exhibition. The main theme is ''Market'' or more precisely art market. In this time of crisis, the artists who always had a problem selling their work, are finding it even harder to deal with this  problem. So, many works of art at this exhibition tell a story about the art that exists because of the market and for the market and not the other way around, as it always was.
The exhibition itself is held at the beautiful Mastrović's Pavilion – Home of Croatian Artists. You can read more about it here.


  1. I wish I were there to enjoy the art!

  2. just the gallery, are they allow you to take a photo because in Melbourne, Australia, they are not allow

  3. @Boom Nisanart: Mainly you are not allowed to take photos in museums and galleries in Croatia. But it really depends on the policy of each institution. In this case, organizers allowed photographing on the opening of the exhibition.