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Monday, 8 November 2010

Library at night

First of all, I apologize that you have waited for this post so long. I spent last three days in Italy (more precisely Venice) and had a little time to make a Monday post for you. Cute thing is that my last post connects to my lovely trip this weekend. 
But today I have one arty night photo for you. It is the National and University Library -  and maybe you remember, I posted few photos of the old University Library that's a Croatian National Archive today some time ago - but this is a ''new'' library building. It was finished in 1995. according to the project of Croatian architects Velimir Neidhardt, Davor Mance, Marijan Hržić and Zvonimir Krznarić. It is the largest and most important library in a whole county. I often used it while I was a student and even now I still use it a lot for work.

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