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Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Stairway of Kalasancij Schlosser

There are some things, little things about Zagreb I really love! One of them are city stairways all across the city center. As you could have already read on this blog, I told you how the city Zagreb was originally settled underneath the mountain Medvednica and on the two hills - Kaptol and Gradec. Because of the specific terrain it was important to construct along with the streets many stairways that helped people reach some higher places in the city. Here you can see one of those stairways called The Stairway of Kalasancij Schlosser - doctor Josip Kalasancij Schlosser-Klekovski was a well known doctor, botanist and mountaineer. So it is no wonder this particular stairway that leads to the one very important hospital on the quarter Šalata is named by doctor Schlosser.

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