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Saturday, 28 August 2010

The passage sign

It turned out to be a really cold rainy day today in Zagreb. For me it meant a lazy and sleepy Saturday. So, that is why I am putting this post so late - hope you will understand! ;)

Anyway, I have a funny photo for you. It is a sign from the passage of one of the houses in Radićeva street.
It says: It is forbidden under threat of a 1 Crown fine to soil this place. This is my very rough translation of a 19. century sign that was meant to prevent the use of passage as,... well literally a side street toilette. The sign was recently restored and I can assure you that the passage remains quite clean.


  1. That's funny that they had to put a sign. but anything to keep the city looking beautiful.

    It was breezy here as well.

  2. Yes, an autumn is coming slowly. You can feel it in the air!