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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Zagreb Cathedral

So, here it is - Zagreb Cathedral. It is definitely one of the main Zagreb symbols. On this same spot there was several buildings that were used as the cathedrals before this one was built. In 1880. a Great Zagreb earthquake destroyed the old 17. century cathedral along with the majority of the city of Zagreb. So in the second  half of the 19. century this new cathedral was build by the famous architect Herman Bollé and is designed in a Neo-Gothic style. Zagreb Cathedral is 108 meters high with it's high pointy towers.  In front of it you can see a fountain and a statue of a Virgin Mary looking at the Cathedral because it is dedicated to the Ascension of a Virgin Mary.


  1. What a gorgeous building! I would love to be able to touch its exterior and wander around inside it. It must be amazing to get to see it close up.

  2. Yes, it's beautiful! It will be even more beautiful when the restoration works end and the towers show up in its best! =)