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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Let's go for a coffee!

Zagreb Ethnographic museum is holding an interesting exhibition these days. It's called Let's go for a coffee! And as you could guess, it tells a story about coffee, from the plant growing, processing to the serving and drinking rituals. Croats are considered for a big coffee drinkers. Lots of people drink coffee several times a day and consider it as an inevitable part of their lives. Our history is strongly connected with the Turks who brought coffee to us as early as the beginning of the 17. century. Also, strong connections with the Italy made us true experts for good coffee. 
Zagreb was always known for its splendid coffee taverns and today it has become an everyday ritual! It is a certain phenomenon of Zagreb, especially during warm and sunny days, people are sitting all over the Zagreb center, drinking coffee and enjoying the weather, good company and good coffee - in other words - enjoying life!


  1. Hi Helena! I'm a brazillian guy that live in Barcelona, spending a couple of days in Zagreb...I liked a lot do find your blog and I believe that you translate very well the Zagreb way of life. Really good pictures too. That's it. Stay here waiting the sun to know this wonderful city. Alex.

  2. Hi Alex! Thank you very much for your kind words! I wish you a nice time here in Zagreb! Hopefully Sunday should be sunny! =)

  3. Hi there!

    Enjoying your pictures of Zagreb, can you believe I have lived in ST for over a year and have never visited your lovely city? I know, shame on me, hopefully that will change soon as we have an open invitation from our friends there.


  4. Thank you Elisa! Hope you will enjoy your stay in Zagreb! =)