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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Saint Mark

I made lots of pictures the other day when the weather was nice, so I'll show you this lovely detail. It's from the St. Mark's Church that I told you about already in an earlier post. This is a detail from the main entrance and it shows the St. Mark who is the patron of this church. He is shown with his symbol - the lion with wings. This church was the main church in the Middle Ages for the people of Gradec. The west entrance is all done in Neogothic style while the south entrance is a true Gothic from 14th century.


  1. love the sky, and the pastel color of the church

  2. I am in awe of anything that has survived from the Middle Ages. I didn't know that St. Mark's symbol is a lion with wings. Altogether, a fascinating post.

  3. Good shots, congratulations!!!

    Frank, Barcelona

  4. Hilda, yes symbol is lion with wings or sometimes just lion. It depends on the time in which the saint is made. E.g. the Venice saint and protector is saint Mark, so that's why you can see a lots of winged lions there.

    Thanks everybody for comments! :)