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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Petrica Kerempuh - our hero

I bring you a sunny photo today, although the weather is still cloudy in Zagreb. This sculpture presents Petrica Kerempuh -  a character from the famous Ballades of Petrica Kerempuh written by the Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža. Petrica Kerempuh is a folk hero that travels through the country making fun of the human stupidity. Ballads are written in 1936. and become popular because of the willingness of the main character Petrica to fight against the oppression of the common people and their misery. This sculpture is appropriately situated next to the main Zagreb open market Dolac. It was made in  1955. by the Croatian sculptor Vanja Radauš.


  1. He sounds like a very interesting character. I hope I get to read some of your folk ballads or stories one of these days.

  2. Yes, I'm sure you would find it very interesting! But I'm not sure that these are translated to English.