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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sava River Flood

Maybe you know and maybe you don't know, but Zagreb lies on river Sava. And I think that I haven't shown it to you before. So here it is, in its worst! Past three days here we had a strong heavy rain and also in the neighboring country Slovenia. It caused a lot of flooding and many small villages around Zagreb are flooded and in danger. Zagreb is safe for now because it has a quite efficient system of preventing huge amounts of water from reaching the city. The city has a big bank that can hold a lot of water. This trees you can see in the middle of the photo are the trees that are actually next to the river bed. Now it is all flooded and it looks very scary!

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  1. Oh wow! I had some friends arrive from the states on Friday and they were welcomed with rain all this weekend. I felt bad that such weather happened on their vacation trip. But I think it will get better as they travel south. Sorry to hear about the flooding!

  2. Yes, it was really scary! But Monday started really sunny and warm! :)

  3. Is the area of Jarun lake also flooded? What about Sisak and Velika Gorica?
    I spent the summer in Zagreb and it rarely rained in July but was very hot and humid. Oppressive heat. I was there on a Fulbright grant and also attended Croatian language school at the University.
    Sorry to hear about the flooding.
    Are you Croatian or just visiting?

    Vidimo se,

  4. Jarun was not flooded nor were Zagreb, Velika Gorica or Sisak. But some villages around Zagreb suffered quite a lot!
    I'm Zagreber born and bred! ;)