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Monday, 27 September 2010

Home of Croatian Artists

This building has a special place in my heart! It is placed it the eastern part of Lower town on the Victims of fascism square. It was designed by the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović (he was very multiskilled artist!) and is called Mastrović's PavilionHome of Croatian Artists. It was built in 1938. as a exhibition place and, after many changes in function through years, it holds the same function today. I like the fact it is round (so perfect for exhibitions) and that it has this half-building-half-sculpture fell.

I wish you all a nice start of a new week!


  1. I wnt to Mestrovic's home in the upper town of Zagreb while I was there. Some of his works were closed off due to a remodel and some level of paranoia about the renovation across the street. His favorite sculpture for me is the Well of Life in front of the National Theatre. I also like the one that is across the street from there at the University of Zagreb faculty building. I believe there actually four of that particular sculpture in Croatia.

  2. I must say you are well informed about Ivan Meštrović! I also love his well of Life! =)