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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Clouds all around...

I'm going to be completely honest with you here - I've been ill for several days last week (nothing serious, just cold, but still very unpleasant!) and also incredibly busy as the end of the year approaches. So, I must say I didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything worth mentioning! As a result I am a bit short on photos to show you here and that makes me really sad! Never the less, I'll do my best to organize myself better in the future. As for a today's photo, it is the same view I showed you several times already and I have a feeling it will become a ''trade mark'' of this blog. The mountain Medvednica was all covered in clouds today and it even rained, but the temperature was quite high for this time of year - around 14°C (which is around 57°F).


  1. hope you feel better soon! lots of honey lemon tea.

    that is a high temp for Zagreb.

  2. I'm pretty OK now. Thanks! :)
    But the weather and the temperatures are just crazy! Today it felt like spring - with 16 and 17°C. :O