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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December Theme Day - Time

I fully understand that this is not a particularly nice photo but I strongly wished to show you one clock that probably not even Zagrepčani (i.e. people of Zagreb) are aware of - it is this clock at the top of the building that's on the corner of Ilica and Gundulićeva street. The clock is quite highly placed and rarely used by the passers by, but is very visible from the Gradec and under the Tower Lotrščak where the favorite view of the Zagreb is placed. As the today's theme is ''Time'' I immediately remembered this photo that I took some time ago. Although, I am not happy for making this partly a Heineken advertisement, I still must say that behind this advert, that stands here for many years now, lies a sad story of a popular Zagreb tavern called Corso. But I'll leave that story for some other time.

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