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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The red bridge

After yesterday when I had a bit of a sharp post about the sufficiency of Zagreb public transport, I'll do a completely opposite thing today. I must say that Zagreb looks really beautiful in time of Christmas because it is always decorated in beautiful lights and decoration. Here you can see a part of it, which I took at the Krvavi most (i.e. Bloody bridge). Krvavi most is the name of this very short street in the city center that binds the Radićeva and Tkalčićeva street. Here used to pass the Medvešćak brook and at this exact place there used to be a wooden bridge. This brook was a border between two towns - Kaptol and Gradec - that used to have many fights at that spot. Because of these conflicts it got the name Bloody bridge. I find it all quite ironic with these red lights set here!

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