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Friday, 22 October 2010

At the ''old'' pub

I can't resist the warm atmosphere of the ''old'' pub in autumn or winter cold days. It just goes on well together! I had a nice time at Oliver Twist Pub at Tkalčićeva street (a very popular street with many café bars). The interior decoration is lovely and warm, making me feel cozy and in a good mood. It is one of the rare places in Zagreb where you can still find a nice non smoking room. I know that many of you can't imagine pub without smoke, but I find the cigarette smoke very hard to stand. I strongly recommend this place for upcoming winter days!


  1. That looks like a fantastic pub. Even reason enough to visit Zagreb. Like you, we have had a no-smoking policy in public buildings for a number of years. When it was introduced there was uproar. "The world will come to an end, as we know it" they said. Publicans said "No-one will come into our pubs". A few years on, and the pubs are crowded like before and it doesn't stink any more.

  2. Looks cosy, nice and warm!:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I'm with you hard to find a place with no smoking, so this is a jewel! ( I dislike smoking and can't believe when Mother's smoke at the playground, but It's a free country I guess, so I just gather my child and go elsewhere)

  4. I'm glad some of you share my view on smoking in public areas.