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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mask fountain

I just love all the things that have to do with water - especially when water is made a part of a certain architecture, sculpture... when it is part of the public spaces. So, as you can guess, I love fountains! This one is a part of the Virgin Mary sculpture that is placed in front of the Zagreb Cathedral (you can partly see the sculpture in this post!). The column, sculpture of Virgin Mary and the angels were made by Anton Dominik Fernkorn in 1865. and the fountain was made by Herman Bollé between 1880.-1882.


  1. Since I was a young guy, the space between my front teeth has made it possible for me to send a stream of water out of my mouth like that fountain! Ha!

  2. Helena, I'm finally going to Zagreb! would you mind if I use one of your photos on my blog? I will link it back to your blog.


  3. @Croatian_Latina: No problem! ;) Enjoy Zagreb!